A quote from Jamie Barrett, Founder of barrettSF/Former ECD at GSP:

“When Lesly and I started to work together, I quickly realized she could do anything. No task was too small, no challenge too monumental. Put something in front of her, and she would be driven to get it done, and done well. Naturally, that kind of awesome behavior deserved a nickname, so I gave her one. Her last name is Pyle, and she's driven, so...’Pyledriver’ only made sense. Soon it was shortened to ‘Driver. Talented, creative, and driven. That's "Driver." She's as good as they get.”

A quote from Rich Silverstein, Co-Chairman/ECD at GSP:

“Her energy and spirit would make any working environment better." 




I'm a business-minded creative type. And a creative-minded business type. Weird, huh? 

Since 1999, I've played many roles along the creative spectrum — from copywriter to copy editor to creative manager to creative executive assistant to project manager. Sometimes concurrently. Despite my titles throughout the years, copywriting has always been a big part of my job. I thrive as long as I'm in a creative, collaborative and chaotic environment (as any agency worth its weight in Lions is chaotic in some way). 

Having both creative and administrative skills helps me work well with all types of people. Speaking of them, I've been lucky. I've learned from some of the most innovative C-level executives in the ad biz. Bear with me as I namedrop some peeps that I've had the honor of working with closely. They've each taught me valuable lessons along the way. So I guess you could say, I got paid to go to the best ad schools in the world. Thanks for these, y’all.

@ Baker Street Advertising

Loyalty: Brian Bacino, Creative Chief (This is our second tour.)

@ Apple: 

Leadership: Linda Waste, Recruiting Manager

@ Goodby Silverstein & Partners:

Tenacity: Jeff Goodby, ECD/Co-Chairman

Passion: Rich Silverstein, ECD/Co-Chairman

Partnership: Jamie Barrett, ECD/Partner (now Founder of barrettSF)

Trust: Steve Simpson, ECD/Partner (now Chief Creative at Ogilvy & Mather NY)

Detail: Christian Haas, ECD/Partner (now Freelance)

Empathy: Zach Canfield, Director of Talent/Associate Partner

Encouragement: Kalle Hellzen, Chief Digital Officer (now ECD at 180 Kingsday, Amsterdam)

Enrichment: Bonnie Wan, Partner/Group Strategy Director/Education Director

@ Arc Worldwide:

Teamwork: Phillip Feemster, CD (now owner/restorer of Clement Nursery)

@ FCB: 

Forethought: Brian Bacino, ECD (now Chief Creative at Baker Street. See above.)

Delegation: Steve Neely, Executive Broadcast Producer (now Freelance)

@ JWT:

Mentorship: John Zissimos, Creative Director (now VP at Google)


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